Some people ask ‘Can I DJ my own wedding?’ Yes, you can, but you’ll need to be organised. Here’s 10 top tips.

  1. Download the playlist before the day. Don’t rely on an internet connection as they can take time ‘buffering’ and the music may hang, stop and start.
  2. Allocate one or two people to ‘man’ the player. Guests might start messing around with it, wanting to move on from a song they don’t like, play one again or get to their favourite.
  3. Ask all your guests when they RSVP for requests and suggestions. Reserve the right to veto of course – some people’s sense of humour isn’t always shared!
  4. Make a really good mix of music. Have a playlist for background when you’re eating.
  5. Look at a lot of 60s and 70s (Motown and reggae) music for dancing. They’re really popular amongst the older relatives. For many of your grandparents, it will be the music of their youth and will get their toes tapping.
  6. Choose one slow song for every five fast ones.
  7. After the first dances, make the sure the following dance is one everyone can join in with. The bride and groom should each grab a guest to get the party going.
  8. Make that dance two or three songs long, segued together so that more and more people can join. Lots of guests are shy and by the time they’ve ‘thought about it’ the song is over.
  9. A service that a DJ will often perform, is to do the announcements. Nominate someone in your party – perhaps the Best Man or an Usher – to introduce the first dance, parents dances, buffet is open *and* last orders at the bar! and of course the ‘last dance of the evening’.
  10. Add lights, smoke machines and uplighters ¬†for a super disco feeling 


    Gorgeous wedding couple performing their first dance with confetti, colorful lights and fireworks.

Can I DJ my own wedding? Yes, you can. If you’re organising a wedding on a budget, this is one area where you can save.