Transform your venue with “Venue Uplighting”

What is Venue Uplighting?

Venue uplighting or uplighters are LED lights that are placed around a room/ venue, normally against a wall or column and set to a colour that suits the event for example, your wedding colour to match the theme. Then the colour from the light transforms the room and creates a beautiful atmosphere at parties and weddings as well as creating a chosen atmosphere at corporate events. Uplighters can be set to any colour that you can think of and is a great way to give your event the WOW factor and impress your guests..

How do they work?

The uplighters can be set to a colour of your choice before you collect and you simply plug in to a conventional mains socket, alternatively we have wireless ones!  If you fancy a change on the day then its very simple to do so, we will show you when you collect how to do it, along with other funky settings!

I don’t have many sockets around my venue!

This is not a problem, just let our staff know that you require wireless ones!


Here is a example of venue uplighting in action, see how it turns this brick work room in to a venue fit for a princess.

Kent venue Uplighting