Q. Can you help me choose the right system?

A. We certainly can,  give us a call (0845 533 1209) or drop us an email. It might help to think about the following:

  • How many people are you inviting?
  • How big is the room/hall?
  • What type of music are you likely to be playing?
  • Do you require delivery and collection?
  • What vehicle do you have available etc etc?

Q. How do I pay for my system?

A. We ask for a 20% deposit to be paid before the hire date. We accept payments from any major credit or debit card or if you call one of our team we can send you a payment link so payment can be made online.

Q. When does the equipment need to be returned?

A. This will be made clear on the booking form, it is usually the next working day after the hire, so for example if you are hiring for a Saturday night, we will expect the equipment back the Monday following.

Q. What does value for insurance mean on a booking form?

A. Value for insurance is the cost for us to replace the equipment if it was lost, stolen or damaged etc whilst in your care, this is the amount to which you will be held liable.

Q. What if something gets broken?

A. Damage even if accidental shall be charged for, either repair or full replacement value, which ever is the cheapest and fastest (you can also be liable for rental charges for equipment until it is restored).

Q. I’ve hired before from else where and some of the equipment did not work, will I still be charged if something is faulty?

A. Before any hire leaves our warehouse all equipment is tested and inspected to ensure its fully working.  Our equipment is serviced and tested regularly to ensure nothing is wrong.  When the hire is accepted and the hire form is signed the customer declares that they are happy with the working condition, we demo and are happy to demonstrate all equipment as working.

All equipment is pat tested before each hire.

Q. What if a bulb blows in one of the lights?

A. We have nailed this one down, most lights now are based on LED technology so there are no bulbs, however in any lights that do use them, they are always sent out with a new spare bulb sealed in a box. If a bulb (or fuse) goes, when safe to do so please change the bulb and put the blown bulb in the box. If the blown bulb or the spare bulb is not returned, you will be charged for it.

Q. Do you supply CDs, records or Mp3 players?

A. No, its up to you to supply your own CDs, iPods records even cassette tapes, Dat tapes, DCC and minidisks.

Q. Can you supply extension leads?

A. We supply every thing you will need to get going, if you have any specific requirements please get in touch.

Q. Are there hidden charges?

A. All prices shown on this site or quoted in writing from us are including all charges and including VAT.

Q. When will my system be delivered to my party?

A. Time of delivery is shown on the confirmation, obviously delays can happen due to reasons beyond our control such as bad traffic, road closures however the drivers will keep in touch.

Q. How far do you offer delivery?

A. We supply systems across the country (UK mainland).

Q. Do you keep my credit card information?

A. No credit/debit card data is held by us.

Q. Do you supply a stand or table for the CD players?

A. We can, these fold up systems are charged for, however most venues are happy to supply a table.

Q. I work weekdays, when can I collect my hire?

A. We are here to help! Although our offices are open Monday to Friday 8:30am-4:30pm, we have staff which work later and weekends, so we can arrange to be flexible as we can.

Q. Can I have a copy of your insurance?

A. Our delivery drivers carry a copy of our insurance schedule and pat certificate should it be required, also copies are held at our main offices in Maidstone Kent.

Q. The hotel want a copy of a pat test certificate, what do I do?

A. Let us know the email address of the hotel and we shall send one for you.

Q. Our wedding reception is going to finish quite late, is that ok for the collection driver?

A. Regarding delivery quotes, all is taken into account when you are given your price for collection. It is up to you to let us know if things change which could affect the price you have been quoted.

Q. Do I have any thing to sign?

A. Yes, you need to sign a hire form.

Q. Do I have to sign a credit agreement?

A. No, at no time is credit offered, hires must be paid for in full upon collection or delivery of the hire.