We offer delivery & collection services as well as trained technicians to set up and take away systems. This service does need to be quoted based on each individual event, but we have guide prices for reference.

Quotations are based on the following:

  1. Access to the venue; is it flat level load in? Is there a lift or stairs to get into the function area (this will depend on if the driver would need a drivers mate).
  2. Arrival day/time & collections.  We have drivers working weekdays and weekends but understandably if a collection is requested outside of normal working hours and particularly early hours, drivers need to be paid unsocial hours and over time.
  3. Parking/ Loading. We request a suitable place to unload and load the delivery van. There are some locations (especially central london) where loading can be tricky so the cost of parking would be quoted at the time of booking as well as any local area charges and fines.


To collect and return your own hire! We have tried to make our site super duper simple and given advice regarding the car or van size needed to transport your chosen equipment, full training is given as well as telephone support and a selection of “How To” videos online.

We gladly offer delivery and collection or delivery with setup/collection with pack down. You are welcome to choose just delivery and return your system after your event yourself.

Please be aware!

Deliveries and collections are not guaranteed at the time of booking, please speak with a member of the DHADJ team to confirm delivery and collection is available for your event. At busy times of the year (NYE for example) transport is normally all booked by mid november.

Delivery prices are subject to change depending on the time of year, equipment ordered, fluctuations in fuel prices and the working wage.